Friday, February 26, 2016

#506 - Franklin Stubbs

What a card: This is Franklin Stubbs' rookie card. He received his own card in the 1985 Topps, Donruss and Fleer sets. The following year, he appeared only in Donruss (although Topps made an Update card of him in '86).

My observation on the front: Stubbs is featuring the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Games Dodger Stadium patch on his left sleeve.

More opinion from me: It's a good thing that Stubbs hit in the 1988 World Series, because he was one disappointing at-bat after another during the rest of his Dodger career.

Something you might know: One of those stellar early '80s Albuquerque Dukes prospects, Stubbs hammered Triple A pitching in 1984 and flew through the minors, only to struggle at the plate in the majors with a career .232 average over 10 seasons.

Something you might not know: Stubbs led the National League in fielding percentage by a first baseman in 1987 at .994.

My observation on the back: For you newbies, that's Jack Morris. And Dan Petry and Guillermo (Willie) Hernandez

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Douglas said...

I have a warm spot for Franklin even though he horribly disappointing as a Brewer. He hit the only foul ball I even caught.

Stack22 said...

I'm still annoyed by the Willie MVP in '84. I see similarities in th way people went all stupid over the "save" stat in the mid-80's to the way they are getting all stupid for "WAR" today. At least a "save" is an objective result, and not subjective impossible to prove b.s.