Thursday, February 18, 2016

#503 - Tim Conroy

What a card: Tim Conroy was entering his final season with the Oakland A's when this card hit packs. He would be traded in December 1985 for Cardinals starter Joaquin Andujar.

My observation on the front: Conroy looks like the camera flash woke him up.

More opinion from me: This recent run of 1985 Topps photos is not inspiring.

Something you might know: Conroy was a pitching phenom out of high school. The Oakland A's drafted him in 1978 and he was pitching for the major league team two weeks later without any trip to the minors, thanks to a publicity stunt by A's owner Charlie Finley. After two appearances, he went to the minors and didn't return to the majors until 1982.

Something you might not know: Conroy once struck out 22 batters in a seven-inning high school game.

My observation on the back: A Rusty Kuntz trivia question! Kuntz hit a short pop fly in the fifth inning of Game 5, and Kirk Gibson scored to put the Tigers ahead 4-3.

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