Friday, February 12, 2016

#501 - Dan Schatzeder

What a card: Dan Schatzeder was entering his final season as a sometimes-starter-sometimes-reliever when this card was issued. He'd spend the next six years of his career as a reliever.

My observation on the front: That's a mug shot. Pure and simple.

More opinion from me: Topps did not make a lot of progress with Schatzeder's cards if you compare this one to his card in the 1979 set.

Something you might know: Schatzeder was the winning pitcher in Game 6 of the World Series in 1987. He pitched the fourth and fifth innings for the Twins, who scored four runs in each inning of that game against the Cardinals.

Something you might not know: Schatzeder hit .240 for his career, including a .385 batting average in 1986 in which he walked five times, homered once, and provided five pinch-hits, the most for a pitcher in 27 years.

My observation on the back: The good ol' days when ballparks were named after real people instead of pet stores.

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