Monday, February 22, 2016

#504 - Jerry Willard

What a card: This is Jerry Willard's first appearance on a Topps card. Donruss beat Topps to the punch with a Willard card in its 1984 set. Donruss did that a lot with its '84 set, which is one of the reasons it's so great.

My observation on the front: Watching batting practice is a very appropriate picture for a rookie backup.

More opinion from me: Ever since the Mike Schmidt card, we've been going to the end of the bench for cards.

Something you might know: Willard was a backup for most of his career, but he did have a shining moment in the 1991 World Series. While playing for the Braves, he was sent up as a pinch-hitter during the ninth inning of Game 4 with the score tied 2-2. Willard hit a fly ball that scored Mark Lemke from third with the winning run.

Something you might not know: Willard was out of baseball between the time he was released by the A's in December 1987 and when he was signed by the White Sox in February 1989. He worked in construction in 1988, but didn't like it, and started looking for a baseball job again.

My observation on the back: Little League ball, you say? That Jerry was a regular hipster as a kid.

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