Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#502 - Rick Miller

What a card: Rick Miller was entering his final major league season when this card was released. He'd play in just 41 games in 1985, mostly as a pinch-hitter.

My observation on the front: The people in the background appear to be discussing the plant growing out of Miller's head.

More opinion from me: Miller's card here isn't all that different from one of his very early cards.

Something you might know: Miller was a terrific defensive outfielder who won a Gold Glove with the Angels in 1978.

Something you might not know: As a high school player, Miller was invited to a pregame workout by the Detroit Tigers. Another high school player there was future Cardinals and Brewers catcher Ted Simmons.

My observation on the back: Miller married Janet Fisk a year after Carlton Fisk won the 1972 AL Rookie of the Year Award.

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