Thursday, February 4, 2016

#498 - Ed Romero

What a card: Ed Romero played in a career-high 116 games in 1984 -- one of only two seasons in which he played in at least 100 games. He was the beneficiary of the Brewers' decision to shut down Paul Molitor, who underwent season-ending elbow surgery early in the season.

My observation on the front: A batting cage AND choking up on the bat? This is like my dream card.

More opinion from me: The front says Romero plays short, second and the outfield. Yet, he played most of his games at third base in 1984.

Something you might know: Romero spent 12 seasons as a utility infielder, mostly for the Brewers and Red Sox. And like any good utility infielder, he parlayed that into a managing career after his playing days were over. He's managed in the New York-Penn League the last 3 seasons.

Something you might not know: Romero made his major league debut on my 12th birthday. ... Yeah, I know I'm the only one who cares.

My observation on the back: "One-base hits" is just a fancy way to say "singles."

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Jamie Meyers said...

He managed the Tri-City ValleyCats to division titles in all three years he was with them but the Astros decided not to continue with him on board, I'm not sure why. Kind of a grumpy guy but he did a good job with his teams. If you told him his debut was on your 12th birthday he might have just said "hhrrrmmmfff" and not much else.

jsdof408 said...

No shame in sharing that fact. I like to boast Mark Buehrle is exactly one year to the day older than me, as if I had something to do with it. And also that I was about eight seats away from catching Nate Schierholtz' first MLB homer. Not a single soul gives a single care...but so what?

Byron said...

He was nicknamed "Gator" in 88 (I think) because he threw a fit in the dugout and chucked the Gatorade bucket onto the field. I believe he was traded to the Braves about a week later.