Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#507 - Ray Fontenot

What a card: Ray Fontenot had already been dealt to the Cubs by the time this card hit packs. He pitched in 35 games for the Yankees in 1984, starting 24 of them.

My observation on the front: There's that high leg kick that you seldom see these days.

More opinion from me: This is a familiar Yankee Stadium action shot. I am wondering how many Yankee pitchers have been shot from this angle in Yankee Stadium for baseball cards.

Something you might know: Fontenot started his big league career impressively, filling in for fellow Louisiana native Ron Guidry, who was injured, in June of 1983. He won eight of his 10 decisions that year.

Something you might not know: Fontenot and Guidry would often speak to each other in French.

My observation on the back: These trivia quiz questions are starting to get on my nerves.

The blog wants to speak now: The TV category is updated.

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