Thursday, March 17, 2016

#513 - Lynn Jones

What a card: Lynn Jones was coming off the only .300 season of his eight year career when this card was created. He batted .301 in 1984, his first with the Royals, far above his career .252 average.

My observation on the front: Jones didn't always wear those giant lenses on his baseball cards, but that's how I remember him.

More opinion from me: Jones should be featuring blue batting gloves. Everything else he's wearing is blue.

Something you might know: Jones was the Tigers' rookie of the year in 1979, but was mostly a defensive replacement by the time he reached the Royals. He did hit a double and a triple off of the Cardinals' John Tudor in two different games in the 1985 World Series.

Something you might not know: Jones, and brother Darryl Jones, who played briefly with the Yankees, each made their MLB debuts in 1979. You can find Darryl Jones on a Topps card only as a Yankees' Future Star in the 1980 set, sharing time with Bobby Brown and Brad Gulden.

My observation on the back: Mickey Mantle still holds the all-time runs scored mark for the World Series. No one who has played recently is even close (Derek Jeter has scored 32). Yogi Berra scored 41 runs.

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Chris Johnson said...

I wonder if his degree in Sociology helped his post playing career?