Thursday, March 31, 2016

#518 - Chris Chambliss

What a card: Chris Chambliss was entering his sixth season with the Braves when this card was issued, meaning he had played with Atlanta as long as he had played with the New York Yankees, which I'm sure blew my mind at the time. Chambliss was a damned Yankee when I started watching baseball and it didn't seem like he could be anything else.

My observation on the front: It sure looks like spring training there. He's having fun.

More opinion from me: It's repeatedly noted that Chambliss never touched home plate when he hit his ALCS-clinching home run to beat the Royals in 1976 because the crush of swarming fans prevented him from doing so. I think a Royal should have gotten the ball, chased Chambliss down in the dugout, or wherever, and tagged him.

Something you might know: Chambliss won the A.L. Rookie of the Year award while playing for the Indians in 1971. The Yankees then famously swindled the Indians in a deal that landed Chambliss and relief pitcher Dick Tidrow, although it was an enormously unpopular trade in New York when it was made.

Something you might not know: Chambliss drove in a run in the only postseason game ever wiped out after it had begun. The Braves led Game 1 of the 1982 NLCS against the Cardinals 1-0 when it was called in the fifth inning because of rain. The game was replayed and the Cardinals won 7-0, giving Chambliss one less postseason RBI for his career.

My observation on the back: Swordfish seems like a very specific choice for a favorite food. I would've said "Seafood."

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Rob said...

I loved this card as a kid. Still do - we need more smiling players in cards...