Friday, March 25, 2016

#516 - Roy Lee Jackson

What a card: Roy Lee Jackson was coming off his fourth and final season with the Blue Jays when this card was issued. In fact, he had been released by the Jays by the time many collectors had pulled this card, signed by the Orioles, and then traded to the Padres in a deal for the troubled Alan Wiggins.

My observation on the front: Nice-looking action shot, and like the Royals cards, lots of shades of blue -- which I like.

More opinion from me: As a kid I wondered how pitchers got their arms to curl like that.

Something you might know: Jackson appears on one of the more-often cited cards of the mid-1980s. Jackson sang the anthem (probably "O Canada," but maybe also "The Star-Spangled Banner") before a handful of Blue Jays games.

Something you might not know: Jackson is shown in the introduction to the very first episode of the long-running 1980s public television kids' science show "3-2-1 Contact".

My observation on the back: I was all ready to say, "Yastrzemski is still the last player to win the Triple Crown," since that was the case for most of my life. But of course Miguel Cabrera ended Yaz's reign in 2012.

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