Monday, March 21, 2016

#514 - Jeff Cornell

What a card: This is Jeff Cornell's only card in a major baseball card set. He is a One-Card Wonder who I will be adding to the list.

My observation on the front: The photo crop at the bottom comes very close to making it appear as if Cornell has no left leg below the knee.

More opinion from me: I'm pretty thrilled to find a one-card wonder from the 1980s. With the addition of Fleer and Donruss, and then Score and Upper Deck, a player getting just one card became a rarity.

Something you might know: Cornell's only major league season was in 1984. He appeared in 23 games in relief. His only victory came against the Dodgers on June 13th. He was the beneficiary of a seven-run fifth inning by the Giants in a 10-5 victory.

Something you might not know: Cornell has been a major league scout for a number of years. An organizer of Perfect Game USA, which is known as the largest youth baseball scouting service in the country, gives an assist to Cornell for the idea of developing showcases around the country for young players to display their talent.

My observation on the back: Cornell was a busy guy. It seems like he barely had time for baseball!

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Jeff said...

After 7 games at the lowest level of the minors, he was sent up to AA, and never again played below that level. Interesting