Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#515 - Dave Concepcion

What a card: Dave Concepcion was still going strong as the Reds' starting shortstop when this card was made. He was entering his 16th season at the position.

My observation on the front: Concepcion is in that moment of indecision where he could advance to second base (or third base) or back track to first (or second).

More opinion from me: You can see the "C" designation on Concepcion's arm sleeve. 1984 was Concepcion's first season as the Reds' third team captain. I never liked posting the "C" on a captain's jersey. I associate that with hockey and that's where it should stay.

Something you might know: Concepcion played 19 seasons for the Reds, was the shortstop for the Big Red Machine years, won the All-Star Game MVP award in 1982, and his No. 13 -- worn as a tribute by successful shortstops to follow like Omar Vizquel -- has been retired by Cincinnati.

Something you might not know: Concepcion pitched in one game in the majors, and it happened during the final season of his career. In a June 3, 1988 game, Concepcion was brought in with two outs in the seventh inning with the Reds down 13-4 to the Dodgers. He retired Rick Dempsey on a groundout, then returned to the mound for the eighth. Steve Sax and Danny Heep singled off of Concepcion, but he stopped the rally by retiring Franklin Stubbs on a swinging strike.

My observation on the back: That's a lot of information crammed on there. Good thing Concepcion's third child, Daneska, hadn't been born yet.

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Rob said...

I'm replaying the 1984 season using Statis Pro Baseball, and was surprised to learn he played about 50 games at third base in 1984...