Friday, March 31, 2017

#645 - Damaso Garcia

What a card: Damaso Garcia was coming off the most active season of his major league career when this card was issued. He appeared in a career-high 152 games and was fifth in the AL in at-bats with 633, wrapping out 180 hits.

My observation on the front: This is one time I wish a player was not wearing a cap. Garcia seems to have a ton of hair but he always had a cap on his head on his cards.

More opinion from me: During the 1980s, Garcia was lamented as one of the good players the Yankees let get away. But his career faded out pretty quickly by the end of the decade.

Something you might know: Garcia was part of the Blue Jays' touted middle infield of the mid-1980s, combining with the smooth-fielding Tony Fernandez.

Something you might not know: Garcia has limited use of speech and can't drive a car after he had a malignant brain tumor removed during the early 1990s. His son suffers from hemophilia and Garcia and his wife organized a baseball camp for hemophiliac children in the Dominican Republic.

My observation on the back: There are now three players with more home runs than Stan Musial accumulated (475) who never led the league in homers during a season. They are Rafael Palmeiro (569), Frank Thomas (521) and Gary Sheffield (509).

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