Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#644 - Mark Huismann

What a card: Mark Huismann appeared in 38 games in 1984, his rookie season. He also appeared in Game 1 of the Royals ALCS against the Tigers, which was an 8-1 loss for Kansas City.

My observation on the front: Anybody want a Coke?

More opinion from me: That scoreboard is charmingly quaint.

Something you might know: Huismann pitched mostly in relief for six teams, the Royals, Mariners, Indians, Tigers Orioles and Pirates for parts of nine seasons.

Something you might not know: Huismann nearly didn't make it to his major league debut. He was called up from Triple A Omaha and borrowed his parents' car to drive to Kansas City. But the car kept overheating and he had to pull over to the side of the road three times. He arrived at the park about a half hour before the game started. But he received the victory in relief against the Tigers.

My observation on the back: Huismann's birth site seems to be in dispute on his baseball cards. Topps and several minor league and oddball issues say he was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. But Donruss and Fleer say he was born in Littleton, Colorado.

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