Monday, March 27, 2017

#643 - Johnny Grubb

What a card: Johnny Grubb had completed his second season as the Tigers' sometimes-outfielder, sometimes-DH when this card was issued.

My observation on the front: Another card with "snow" on the front.

More opinion from me: Grubb wore glasses that made him look rather nerdy on his baseball cards throughout his career. But he could hit.

Something you might know: Grubb finished sixth the NL Rookie of the Year voting in 1973 when he broke in with the Padres.

Something you might not know: Grubb coached high school ball at his alma mater in Richmond, Va., for a period after his career. One of his players was former Padres and Orioles reliever Cla Meredith.

My observation on the back: He collects baseball cards!

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