Friday, March 17, 2017

#640 - Steve Henderson

What a card: Steve Henderson was coming off his second and final season with the Mariners when this card was issued. It was his last year as a regular starter. He signed with the A's in the offseason.

My observation on the front: Henderson has that look of a guy who thinks he hit the ball well ... aaaaand it's foul.

More opinion from me: Henderson wore the No. 5 for most of his career, which is impressive to me as he played for several teams and I'd think that number would have been taken, maybe even retired. Not with the Mariners in 1985, of course, but maybe the Mets, A's or Astros?

Something you might know: Henderson was the most notable player among the four traded to the Mets for Tom Seaver in the famed "Midnight Massacre" in June 1977. He was also traded for Dave Kingman.

Something you might not know: When Henderson arrived with the Mets, pitcher Jerry Koosman promised him that every time Henderson got two hits in a game, Koosman would serve Henderson his postgame meal.

My observation on the back: Another example of 1985 Topps lowering their standards for a card with a number ending in zero. There's nothing about Henderson's '84 stats that merit that. You'd have to go back to 1980 for that.

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Witz said...

Just finished the awesome '75 card blog. Wanted to comment so many times but I realized I was about 5 years too late. Is this the one that was started after that one? I figure I'll follow for these last few cards and then go back to the beginning and check out the rest!

night owl said...

I run this one and one on the 1971 Topps set. Feel free to comment on those or also on the 1975 blog, it's still accepting comments.