Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#639 - Ed Hodge

What a card: This is Ed Hodge's only Topps card. (Fleer honored him with two cards, while Donruss ignored him).

My observation on the front: That scene behind Hodge -- I miss summer so much. Maybe it's the two feet of snow that fell yesterday.

More opinion from me: For crying out loud, are there PICNICS going on in the background?

Something you might know: After five-plus seasons in the minors, Hodge pitched his only season in the majors in 1984, appearing in 25 games for the Twins, starting 15 of them.

Something you might not know: Hodge became a police officer after his playing career and worked as a cop for eight years in Johnson City, Tenn. He says he once was almost blown up in a fire during his police career.

My observation on the back: OK, this is it: card No. 639, that's the point when the trivia quiz writer ran out of questions.

The blog wants to speak now: The Pop Culture tab is updated.

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