Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#636 - Shane Rawley

What a card: This is Shane Rawley's first Topps card as a Phillie. He was traded from the Yankees to the Phillies on July 1, 1984 for pitcher Marty Bystrom.

My observation on the front: Rawley is posing in Dodger Stadium, which means the photo was taken while the Phillies were in L.A. from Aug. 17-19, 1984. Rawley pitched the win in the series-finale on Aug. 19.

More opinion from me: Rawley was one of my favorite Mariners from the early Seattle years. I was annoyed when he was traded to the Yankees at the start of the 1982 season.

Something you might know: Rawley started out as an effective reliever for fledgling Seattle, but gradually became a starter while with New York and Philadelphia and won 17 games for the Phillies in 1987.

Something you might not know: During Rawley's injury-plagued years with the Yankees, he was placed on the disabled list in May of 1984. The Yankees tried to hide a shoulder injury by saying he was going on the DL with a "strained sinus."

My observation on the back: That Vander Meer trivia answer may be correct forever.

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