Friday, June 2, 2017

#666 - Mike LaCoss

What a card: Mike LaCoss had completed his third season as a starter/reliever with the Astros when this card was issued. He would be off to the Royals as a free agent before many collectors even pulled this card.

My observation on the front: It must be a very, very cold day in Florida. LaCoss looks like he's not going to take off that jacket for nothing.

More opinion from me: LaCoss displayed his split-fingered fastball grip on a baseball card in the 1989 Topps set. It's one of the more memorable cards in a bland set, if you ask me.

Something you might know: LaCoss was an All-Star in his second season with the Reds, proving to be Cincinnati's second-best starter behind Tom Seaver in 1979.

Something you might not know: LaCoss appearing on card No. 666 broke up a string of five straight years of Tigers appearing on card No. 666. I did a post about it.

My observation on the back: LaCoss' wife's name is not Vallecillo. That's her maiden name. Her first name is Theresa. Topps done goofed.

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Kin said...

I wonder how many players that ever ended up card #666 knew it.