Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#667 - Dave Engle

What a card: Dave Engle was coming off the only All-Star selection of his career when this card was issued. He was the Twins' lone representative for the game but didn't play (the Twins had just one All-Star representative each year from 1978-87).

My observation on the front: I've mentioned this before but the position designation is so awkward in 1985 Topps. If you didn't know Engle's name, you'd think Topps left out the "C" in his name and was trying to squeeze it in.

More opinion from me: I've always liked Engle's 1984 Topps card.

Something you might know: Engle hit the first home run in Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome history, on April 6, 1982. It came off the Mariners' Floyd Bannister in the first inning.

Something you might not know: Engle beat out Wade Boggs for the 1980 International League batting title by a single thousandth of a percentage point, .307 to .306.

My observation on the back: Roy Engle was also the catcher for Ted Williams when the two were in high school in San Diego. They became lifelong friends.

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