Wednesday, June 28, 2017

#675 - Tony Perez

What a card: Tony Perez returned to a Reds uniform in the 1985 set after being out of the uniform in a flagship set since 1977 Topps.

My observation on the front: You see Perez here and it's easy to forget he ever played for the Expos, Red Sox or Phillies.

More opinion from me: Perez was known as an RBI machine during his heyday, so much so that it was drilled into my head. I wonder if Perez was at its peak today what they would say about him, since RBIs are not fashionable.

Something you might know: A key member of The Big Red Machine, Perez was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000.

Something you might not know: Perez started his professional career as a second baseman. In his first season, with Single A Geneva, N.Y., he played at second until someone named Pete Rose arrived and Perez was moved to third base.

My observation on the back: Topps was being a little charitable by giving Perez a number ending in "5". Perez hadn't posted a strong season since 1980 (although he did bat .328 in 1985, maybe Topps knew something).

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Jeff said...

Career honor 5

Matthew R said...

The uniform he belonged in. The Perez trade was the beginning of the end of the machine.