Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#672 - Juan Berenguer

What a card: Juan Berenguer was coming off his most successful major league season to date when this card was issued. After roaming from team to team with little success, he started 27 games and won 11 in 1984. But he never made an appearance in the Tigers' postseason.

My observation on the front: There appears to be a gathering of fans in the Tiger Stadium outfield stands, straining to see Berenguer's photo session.

More opinion from me: One of Berenguer's nicknames was "SeΓ±or Smoke," which was also Tigers pitching teammate Aurelio Lopez's nickname. I'm assuming Berenguer wasn't called that until after he left the Tigers. You can't have two SeΓ±or Smokes on the same team.

Something you might know: Berenguer became an effective relief pitcher for the Twins during the late 1980s, making his biggest impact during the Twins' ALCS victory over the Tigers in 1987.

Something you might not know: If you're a Twins fan, you know this, but as for the rest of you, Juan Berenguer starred in a music video called the "Berenguer Boogie," which riffed off his appearance in a trenchcoat when he arrived back in the Metrodome after the Twins' 1987 World Series win. The video is long (I linked to a shorter version on the making of the video) and very 1987, but 1987 ruled so I don't want to hear anything bad about it.

My observation on the back: Once again, some interesting abbreviations of the hometown in the vital info.

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