Monday, June 26, 2017

#674 - Atlee Hammaker

What a card: Atlee Hammaker missed most of the 1984 season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his rotator cuff. He appeared in six games, pitching just 33 innings.

My observation on the front: The fans behind Hammaker are waiting patiently for an autograph.

More opinion from me: Call it holding a grudge, but I will never get over Hammaker's 1983 All-Star Game performance that ended the National League's streak of 11 straight ASG victories and signaled the end of NL dominance.

Something you might know: Hammaker led the National League with a 2.25 ERA in 1983. That was also the year he gave up the only grand slam in All-Star Game history, to the Angels' Fred Lynn.

Something you might not know: The wife of Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes is one of Hammaker's five daughters, Jenna.

My observation on the back: Quite a collection of '70s nicknames there: Mad Dog, Cobra and the Mad Hungarian.

The blog wants to speak now: Not today, it's another day of getting up too early.

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Matthew R said...

Spring training shot at Scottsdale Stadium. I miss the days when spring training games were inexpensive.