Thursday, June 8, 2017

#668 - Steve Trout

What a card: Steve Trout was coming off his best season when this card was issued. He won 13 games for the NL East champion Cubs in 1984 and pitched the victory in Game 2 of the NLCS, going 8 1/3 innings in a 4-2 win.

My observation on the front: I like the photo, although the shadow across his face kind of kills his expression a little.

More opinion from me: It's just occurring to me now that Trout shares the same name with the Angels' Mike Trout (no, they are not related). For 40-plus years of my life, the only baseball Trouts I knew were Steve and Dizzy.

Something you might know: Trout was a second-generation pitcher, the son of 1930s/40s hurler Dizzy Trout. The two were known for their zaniness and I remember stories about them being told on NBC's Game of the Week (probably by Joe Garagiola).

Something you might not know: When Trout was called up to the majors, he was playing in Double A in the White Sox organization. His manager was Tony La Russa, who drove Trout to the airport in the team bus for his flight to Chicago.

My observation on the back: I think it would have been cooler if Trout was nicknamed "cutthroat" (also a kind of trout).

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