Wednesday, May 31, 2017

#665 - Don Mattingly

What a card: Don Mattingly was coming off a breakthrough season when this card was issued. He showed his abbreviated 1983 season was no fluke, pounding pitching for a .343 average, 207 hits and 110 RBIs in 1984.

Can ya dig it: The second-year card is way underappreciated. That is a future post, by the way.

Right on: I don't remember Mattingly being known for his baserunning. An interesting choice.

Something you might know: Say it with me: "The greatest Yankee to never play in a World Series."

Something you might not know: Mattingly, now the manager of the Miami Marlins, is at the bottom of the majors in terms of successfully challenging umpires' calls so far this year. As a fan of the Dodgers, the team that once employed Mattingly as a manager, this does not surprise me.

 My observation on the back: That .167 average amid all those .300s sure is shocking. But not as shocking to me as seeing five years worth of minor league stats. This is Donnie Baseball!

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John Bateman said...

In 1985, with the limited card media that we had, the 2nd year cards were supposed to be the next big thing - Pete Rose 1964 card led the way and this card was right up there.

Rob said...

Love this card. Only 33K's in 600+ at-bats!