Friday, May 19, 2017

#661 - Steve Crawford

What a card: Steve Crawford was coming off his first season as a reliever when this card was issued. Hyped as a promising starter in the Red Sox chain, Crawford struggled until moving into the bullpen for good in 1984.

My observation on the front: This is another card with "snow" on it. Steve seems as distressed by this as I am.

More opinion from me: Early '80s Red Sox pitchers mean a lot to me. That was the period when I really started getting into baseball, knowing upcoming players, etc. After the crushing disappointment of 1978, my brother and I rooted for every new Red Sox player and I focused on the pitchers.

Something you might know: Crawford received the victory in Game 2 of the 1986 World Series. He also won Game 5 of the '86 ALCS, which was the game in which Dave Henderson hit the two-run home run to highlight the Red Sox's comeback against the Angels.

Something you might not know: Crawford was mentioned in the Wade Boggs-Margo Adams scandal when Adams told all in two Penthouse articles. In those articles, it was revealed that married reliever Bob Stanley was photographed in a hotel room with a stripper by Boggs and Crawford. The players said Stanley was set up as part of a joke. Adams, who added that she had the negative, said they did it because they were mad at Stanley for being a blabbermouth.

My observation on the back: Crawford indeed took less money to sign with the Red Sox because Yastrzemski was his idol. It all began when he received a Yaz model bat when he was a kid. He had no idea who Yastrzemski was at the time.

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