Monday, May 15, 2017

#659 - Checklist, Cards 529-660

What a card: This is the fifth of six checklist cards in the set.

My observation on the front: There is a streak of three players who wore Dodger blue listed on this card, 570 Darryl Strawberry, 571, Charlie Hough and 572, Tom Paciorek. I also mentioned that on Paciorek's post, which shows you how little I have to say about these checklists.

More opinion from me: I prefer that these checklist posts come after work nights. I could use the break. But I'm posting this after a day off. Seems like a waste of an easy post.

Something you might know: "C. Washington" at card No. 540 is Claudell Washington.

Something you might not know: There was a major error in the title to the previous checklist post that went uncorrected for more than a year until I just noticed it. I'm stunned no one pointed it out.

My observation on the back: Only one card on this entire checklist has not been featured yet on the blog. But you'll see it in a couple days. It's a very familiar one.

The blog wants to speak now: The News category is updated.

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Rob said...

Checklist cards being referenced on their own checklist still freaks me out.