Friday, May 5, 2017

#656 - Chuck Cottier

What a card: This is Chuck Cottier's first card as a manager. He was named as a replacement for Del Crandall with 27 games left in the Seattle Mariners' 1984 season.

My observation on the front: Gee whiz, an up-close shot of an old dude without a cap? If I was 9 when this set came out this would be my least favorite card.

More opinion from me: I had no idea until I started writing this post that the man on this card is the same guy. And I've had both of these cards for decades.

Something you might know: Cottier managed the Mariners for all of the 1985 season, but was replaced early in the 1986 season. After a one-game stint by Marty Martinez, Dick Williams took over.

Something you might not know: Cottier and Crandall played on the same Milwaukee Braves team in 1960. In fact, Crandall tried to get Braves manager Fred Hane, to call up Cottier from the minors in 1959. The Braves were in a pennant race with the Dodgers and the Braves' starting second baseman Red Schoendienst was out with tuberculosis. None of the fill-ins were working, but Haney didn't call up Cottier and the Dodgers wound up going to the World Series. Twenty-five years later, Cottier was replacing Crandall.

My observation on the back: Cottier was Seattle's third base coach when he was hired as manager.

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