Thursday, May 11, 2017

#658 - Mike Stenhouse

What a card: This is Mike Stenhouse's first solo card in a Topps set. He appeared in 80 games for the Expos in 1984.

My observation on the front: I tend to notice rows of Expos in the dugout more than rows of any other team in the dugout.

More opinion from me: This is the second card of Stenhouse in this set. You're living right if you're batting .171 for your career and feature two cards in the same set.

Something you might know: Stenhouse was a highly touted collegiate player from Harvard who ripped up the minor leagues but struggled to hit in the majors with the Expos, Twins and Red Sox.

Something you might not know: Stenhouse founded and is the CEO of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, a think tank focused on public policy in the state.

My observation on the back: It's nice to see a trivia question that focuses on the team that's being featured on the rest of the card. This isn't 1968 Topps in which that happened all the time.

The blog wants to speak now: The Ballgames category is updated.

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