Sunday, February 3, 2013

#141 - Father/Son: Dave & Mike Stenhouse

What a card: This card features the most obscure father-son pairing in the subset. Dave Stenhouse pitched for three years in the majors. Mike Stenhouse played for five years in the majors, never totaling more than 81 games in any season.

My observation on the front: This is an interesting pairing given what we know now. The Expos, of course, became the Nationals, who reside in the city where the Senators once played.

More opinion from me: The Senators' uniform from that period looks a lot like the Twins uniforms to me, which is interesting since the old Senators became the Twins, and then a new Senators franchise was begun. And all this franchise-swapping talk is making me wonder if any of this makes sense.

Something you might know: Dave Stenhouse was an All-Star in his very first season in the major leagues in 1962. He started the second of the two All-Star Games that were played that year.

Something you might not know: Mike Stenhouse and his brother, Dave Stenhouse Jr., were part of former pitcher Bill Lee's Grey Socks barnstorming team that also included Dave Stapleton, Jim Lonborg and Dalton Jones.

My observation on the back: Mike Stenhouse was traded to the Twins in January of 1985, so he was no longer an outfielder for the Montreal Expos by the time this set came out.

The blog wants to speak now: No, it doesn't. It's super tired. It needs rest for the Super Bowl.

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