Thursday, February 14, 2013

#146 - Gary Redus

What a card: Gary Redus had just completed his second full season in the major leagues after finishing fourth in the N.L. Rookie of the Year voting in 1983. His power stats dropped quite a bit in 1984.

My observation on the front: Looks like Redus is swinging in a spring training park.

More opinion from me: Remember when Redus and Eddie Milner and Duane Walker was going to be the next star outfield combination? No? Maybe it was just me. Back when the A's were boasting Henderson-Armas-Dwayne Murphy and the Expos Dawson-Cromartie-Ellis Valentine, I was always looking for the next great young outfield.

Something you might know: Gary Redus enjoyed a great National League Championship Series while playing for the Pirates against the Braves in 1992. He played in five of the first six games and hit .438 in 16 at-bats with three RBIs. But a broken foot forced him out of Game 7 and the Braves won the deciding game.

Something you might not know: Redus and Pete Rose did not get along. At the time this card was produced, Redus was fuming about how Rose treated him. When Rose was named player-manager in August of 1984, he benched Redus. Rose would tell Redus that he was the major league leader in pop-ups and that the team was better without him the lineup than with him. The two feuded until Redus was traded before the 1986 season.

My observation on the back: Not much comes to mind here, so I'll mention this: Redus' wikipedia page insists that Redus was born "Tim Varley." I cannot find any seemingly credible information to confirm that.

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