Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#142 - Father/Son: Dizzy & Steve Trout

What a card: This is the fourth and final father-son combination in which the son played for a Chicago team. The other three were White Sox. Steve Trout started out with the White Sox, but came over to the Cubs in 1983.

My observation on the front: That is one wild card of Dizzy Trout. This was a card from the end of his career. Dizzy pitched for the Tigers for 14 of his 15 years. Twenty-six games with Boston in 1952 was basically his finale (he did appear for the Orioles briefly in 1957).

More opinion from me: How come Dizzy's nickname stuck (his real name was Paul) and Steve's nickname (Rainbow) did not ... at least not enough to be mentioned on his baseball-reference.com page?

Something you might know: Dizzy and Steve were both known as characters. Although Dizzy died before Steve even made the majors, Steve shared a lot of the same traits. Steve was known for doing yoga stretches and breathing exercises before games (stuff that wouldn't be that unusual today) and being a joker. Dizzy was known for being mean on the mound. But he was also a folksy, humorous sort.

Something you might not know: Dizzy Trout made an unsuccessful run for sheriff after his career.

My observation on the back: Dizzy featured glasses on all three of his Topps cards. He appeared much earlier in his career on Play Ball and Bowman cards. He's not wearing glasses on any of those.

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Brian said...

That's one scary looking Red Sox logo.