Friday, July 29, 2016

#559 - Jay Howell

What a card: Jay Howell was coming off his first full season in the majors and his first season as major league relief pitcher when this card came out. He appeared in 61 games, 60 in relief, in 1984 and posted a 2.69 ERA.

My observation on the front: It's odd seeing Howell as a Yankee. I associate him first as the closer on the 1988 Dodgers team and second as an Oakland A. (Howell had been traded to the A's by the time this card appeared in packs).

More opinion from me: You ever see hear the name of Dodgers reliever J.P. Howell and think Jay Howell is still pitching in the majors? No? Just me then, huh?

Something you might know: Howell pitched in the 1988 postseason for the Dodgers and was suspended for three days after being ejected after pine tar was found in his glove during Game 3 of the NLCS against the Mets.

Something you might not know: When future Expos and Yankees closer John Wetteland was in the Dodgers bullpen when he first reached the majors, Howell mentored the youngster, and Wetteland took to calling Howell "Dad." In 1989, during Dodgers' Family Day festivities, the announcement came over the stadium P.A. system that Howell and his wife Alison had "adopted" Wetteland.

My observation the back: Thirty-one years later, Gary Carter is still the last player to hit two home runs in one All-Star Game.

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