Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#550 - Scott McGregor

What a card: Scott McGregor was coming off his seventh straight season with double figure wins for the Orioles when this card was issued. He'd stretch it to nine straight for the O's.

My observation on the front: It looks cold there. Or McGregor was one of those weird pitchers who wore long sleeves in warm weather.

More opinion from me: The No. 550 is a pretty high-falutin' number for 1984 McGregor. His 1983 season, and consequently his 1984 Topps card, is more deserving of the number. But in '84 Topps his number is 260.

Something you might know: McGregor won 20 games in 1980 and pitched in two World Series for the Orioles. He did well in both but is most remembered for blanking the Phillies in the clinching Game 5 of the 1983 Series.

Something you might not know: After McGregor's career ended, he became an ordained minister and remained one for the next 14 years. But he then returned to baseball as a coach in the Orioles organization, where he still works. That's interesting to me. I haven't heard of many people who switched to a religious life switching back, especially after that many years.

My observation on the back: There have been a handful of pitchers born in Holland (the Netherlands), but only one born in Zeist!

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jsdof408 said...

And I thought Ruben Amaro, Jr. becoming a base coach AFTER being a longtime GM was a strange transition.