Thursday, July 7, 2016

#551 - Andy Van Slyke

What a card: This is a second-year card of Andy Van Slyke. For some reason I confuse it with his rookie card. But his rookie cards were issued in 1984.

My observation on the front: I'm saying that's George Hendrick in the on-deck circle. Could be David Green, but it really looks like Hendrick.

More opinion from me: It is mind-boggling to consider the personalities in the Pittsburgh outfield in the early 1990s. Van Slyke centered between Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla! My gosh, what would Twitter do with that outfield.

Something you might know: Van Slyke won five straight Gold Gloves as the center fielder for the Pirates between 1988-92.

Something you might not know: Van Slyke once passed a kidney stone during a major league game.

My observation on the back: That one son is not Scott Van Slyke, who plays for the Dodgers. It is A.J., Van Slyke's first-born and an eventual minor leaguer for the Cardinals. Scott was the second-born of four Van Slyke sons.

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John Bateman said...

Yeah Scott is not that old, I think he was born in 1985

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Miguel Olivo passed a stone mid-game too, while a Rockie.