Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#553 - Bob Clark

What a card: Bob Clark was entering his final season in the majors when this card was issued. He'd spend most of 1985 in the minors and then close out his pro career with a couple more years in the minor leagues.

My observation on the front: I could store some baseball cards on those shelves behind Clark.

More opinion from me: There are 42 people with the last name "Clark" to play in the majors (and a number more named "Clarke"), and so many with the first name "Bob" that I don't even want to count them. There have been three Bob Clarks alone in the majors. Maybe that's why Donruss and Fleer took to calling Clark "Bobby" on most of his cards (except for the 1982 editions for both companies). But Topps steadfastly called him "Bob" from 1981-86.

Something you might know: Clark was an outfielder known for his speed, but used part-time because he didn't match his potential at the plate. He was acquired by the Brewers in an unpopular deal with the Angels for pitcher Jim Slaton, who had won in double figures several years for Milwaukee.

Something you might not know: Clark is shown in a batting helmet in a great majority of his cards, making me wonder where he ranks among players with the greatest percentage of cards featured wearing a helmet.

My observation on the back: Sadly, I could find no background on Bob's off-season job as an embalmer.

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