Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#555 - Bob Stanley

What a card: Bob Stanley had completed his third straight season as the Red Sox's primary closer when this card was issued in 1985. He had 55 saves combined over the previous two seasons.

My observation on the front: Lots of hazy sunshine on that card.

More opinion from me: Stanley is not fondly remembered by Red Sox fans, and as someone who grew up with two Red Sox fans in the house, I experienced their opinion of Stanley first-hand. The main complaint about him is that he never let you feel comfortable as a fan, even when he would eventually save the game.

Something you might know: Stanley is remembered for throwing the wild pitch in the 10th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series that allowed the Mets' Kevin Mitchell to score the tying run, and then throwing the pitch that Mookie Wilson hit to first base that Bill Buckner flubbed, allowing Ray Knight to score the game-winner.

Something you might not know: Stanley might have gotten out of that 10th inning with the game tied had he thrown to second base in an attempt to pick off Ray Knight during the Wilson at-bat. Marty Barrett signaled for the pick-off and waited for Stanley's throw but Stanley didn't notice. "We had Knight dead," Barrett said.

My observation on the back: Granted, this card came out before the '86 World Series, but a Mets trivia question on the back of Stanley's card? That's rough.

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