Monday, November 30, 2015

#478 - Kurt Bevacqua

What a card: Kurt Bevacqua had completed his third season for the Padres when this card was issued. He hit .200 in 59 games in 1984.

My observation on the front: I honestly have no idea why the Padres keep trying to put the color orange in their uniforms.

More opinion from me: Bevacqua was the topic of my all-time favorite Tom Lasorda putdown. Upon being informed that Bevacqua said "that fat little Italian" should be fined after Bevacqua's Padres teammate Joe Lefebvre was intentionally hit by the Dodgers' Tom Niedenfuer the night before, Lasorda said he wouldn't waste his time ordering a knockdown of Lefebvre or a player like Bevacqua who "couldn't hit water if he fell out of a fucking boat."

Something you might know: A lifetime utility player, Bevacqua made an impact in the 1984 World Series by hitting a three-run home run in Game 2 against the Tigers. It was the only game the Padres won.

Something you might not know: Bevacqua and his wife Carrie are the parents of Tawney Bevacqua, who dated singer Jason Mraz in 2009.

My observation on the back: The balls that Bevacqua caught were thrown from 24 stories up by teammate Terry Kennedy. The stunt was for charity. Kennedy offered to donate $1,000 if Bevacqua could catch a sixth ball behind his back. But Bevacqua missed.

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