Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#472 - Jim Essian

What a card: This is the final card of Jim Essian issued during his playing career. He was released in late March 1985.

My observation on the front: Another fine final card photo.

More opinion from me: I remember Essian's late 1970s cards well. We didn't think much of his light-weight batting stats. We had no concept of what a good defensive catcher was.

Something you might know: Essian managed the Cubs in 1991, finishing out the season after Don Zimmer was fired 37 games in. Jim Lefebvre was hired for the 1992 season, but at least Essian got a manager card in the 1991 Topps Traded set. It was just six years after Essian had his last card as a player.

Something you might not know: Essian hit an inside-the-park grand slam while playing for the A's in 1979. Blue Jays outfielder Otto Velez stepped on the ball while trying to field it, twisting his ankle, then limped after the ball as Essian traveled around the bases.

My observation on the back: That is a lot of people to fight off for the bathroom in the morning.

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Jeff said...

I never noticed his BB/K ratio before. He actually wasn't hurting his team at the plate.

Speaking of managing - he was managing the independent Miami Marlins in the Florida State League 2 months after his release.