Thursday, November 12, 2015

#473 - Tim Wallach

What a card: Tim Wallach was coming off his first All-Star season, even though his batting average dipped below .250 in 1984 and most of his numbers were off from the previous season.

My observation on the front: I'm not used to seeing belts on most '80s uniforms. It looks odd.

More opinion from me: I'm hoping that Wallach remains on the Dodgers coaching staff. He probably won't unless he's named the Dodgers' manager, which appears unlikely.

Something you might know: Wallach was one of the unsung All-Star members of the 1980s Expos teams. He built himself into a Gold Glove-winning third baseman and has one very avid card-collecting fan.

Something you might not know: Wallach still holds the Cal State-Fullerton single-season record for runs batted in (102) and totals bases (208), both established in 1979.

My observation on the back: Lifting weights was still a novelty in 1985.

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