Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#477 - Bob Ojeda

What a card: Bob Ojeda had just completed the busiest season of his career to date when this card came out. He appeared in 33 games in 1984, pitching 218 2/3 innings for the Red Sox, and tossed five shutouts.

My observation on the front: Ojeda's cap appears to be crooked.

More opinion from me: Ojeda looks like he's pitching in a dream. There's nobody around.

Something you might know: Ojeda went 18-5 and finished fourth in the Cy Young Award voting the year after he was traded from the Red Sox to the Mets. He ended up facing his ex-teammates the very next year in the 1986 World Series.

Something you might not know: When Ojeda left Sports New York last offseason after six years as a pre- and postgame analyst for Mets games because the sides couldn't agree on a contract, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, a well-known Mets fan, took to Twitter and booed the decision.

My observation on the back: Other major leaguers who went to College of the Sequoias include former Royal and Brewer Jim Wohlford, former Braves catcher Johnny Estrada, and former Astros manager Brad Mills.

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