Monday, November 16, 2015

#474 - Kurt Kepshire

What a card: This is Kurt Kepshire's first Topps card. He'd have only two. 1986 Topps was his last one.

My observation on the front: I can tell this is a spring training shot even with everything blurred out in the background.

More opinion from me: There are some '80s players that I knew very well back then who disappeared quickly and were instantly forgotten. Kepshire is one of them. And this is why I'm doing this blog.

Something you might know: After six years in the minors, Kepshire pitched his way into the Cardinals rotation with his 1984 showing the last three months of the season. He was a regular part of the NL champion Cardinals' rotation in 1985 but faded near the end of the season and was left off the postseason roster.

Something you might not know: Before the 2011 World Series, Kepshire predicted that the Cardinals would beat the Rangers in seven games. They did. But he also said the Cardinals would win the first two games. The Rangers won Game 2.

My observation on the back: The University of New Haven's most famous baseball alumnus is probably Steve Bedrosian.

The blog wants to speak now: The Ballgames category is updated.

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Jeff said...

He was drafted from the Reds in the 1982 Rule V Draft. The rules would dictate that he had to spend 1983 on the major league roster or be offered back to the original team. Either the Reds didn't want him back, or the Cardinals sent something else in exchange for keeping him in the minors.