Monday, November 2, 2015

#469 - Sammy Stewart

What a card: Sammy Stewart was entering his eighth and final season with the Orioles when this card was issued. He was traded in December 1985 to the Red Sox.

My observation on the front: Stewart always looked like a big man.

More opinion from me: Stewart is not the first major league player I heard of going to prison (that player was probably Ron LeFlore), but there aren't a lot of ex-MLBers who have served time. Stewart was released from a prison in 2013 after serving seven years.

Something you might know: Stewart was a key figure on the mound for the Orioles during their trip to a World Series title in 1983. In the '83 postseason, Stewart pitched 9-plus innings over five games, didn't allow a run and struck out eight.

Something you might not know: Two of Stewart's children suffered from cystic fibrosis. One of them, Colin, died at age 11. The other, Alicia, is still alive and in her 30s.

My observation on the back: The trivia question is notable in that 1983 was the only season during Cal Ripken's consecutive playing streak in which he did not have a stolen base.

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