Thursday, October 29, 2015

#468 - Wayne Krenchicki

What a card: Wayne Krenchicki was coming off probably the most productive season of his career when this card was issue. He finished with just 181 at-bats in 1984, but he set career highs in batting average (.298), slugging percentage (.470) and OPS (.827).

My observation on the front: Krenchicki went without the mustache when he was with the Reds because of Cincinnati's no-facial-hair policy. But it always looked weird to me because I first learned of him when he was with the Orioles in '81 and he wore a mustache. You know he wanted that mustache, too, because when he moved from the Reds to the Expos for the '86 season, the stache was back again.

More opinion from me: My brothers and I loved saying Krenchicki's last name. One of the overlooked best baseball names of the '80s.

Something you might know: Krenchicki is known as the player who was sent down to the minors in 1981 so the Orioles could call up Cal Ripken Jr.

Something you might not know: Krenchicki is hailed as the best shortstop that the University of Miami ever had. That may not have been the case had Alex Rodriguez decided to attend Miami. Rodriguez signed a letter of intent with the Hurricanes but then went straight to the majors from high school.

My observation on the back: Bronwinn Krenchicki??? That is now my favorite baseball player wife name ever.

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