Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#465 - Bob Grich

What a card: Bobby Grich played in 116 games for the Angels in 1984, playing a lot more third and first base than he had in the past. He was taking on the role as a utility man later in his career.

My observation on the front: Nice dugout shot. Grich looks like he's having a good time.

More opinion from me: Topps listed Grich as "Bob" throughout his career and refused to call him "Bobby." I have no problems doing it though. And neither does virtually everyone else.

Something you might know: Known for his all-around ability, Grich was part of the smooth-fielding Orioles infields of the 1970s. And he hit the ball out of the park, too.

Something you might not know: Grich has visited all 50 states and traveled several times to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

My observation on the back: Every time I see Grich's abbreviated 1977 season -- his first one with the Angels -- I remember how he threw his back out carrying an air conditioner during the offseason, which messed up his entire season. Grich was 28 at the time, which seems like a little too young to be throwing out your back.

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Stack22 said...

About anonymous as a player who was a 6xAS and 4xGG can be, at least, short of playing in Montreal during the same era.