Monday, October 19, 2015

#464 - Mike Mason

What a card: This is the first Topps base card for Mike Mason. He first appears in a Topps set in 1984 Traded, in which the photo is possibly from the same time, if not from the same pitch, that this one was taken.

My observation on the front: Mason appears to have a habit of biting his lip when he's about to throw a pitch.

More opinion from me: I can never get used to an overabundance of red in the Rangers' uniforms.

Something you might know: Mason's rookie season in 1984 was the best of his career. He won nine games with a 3.61 ERA as the Rangers' No. 5 starter, and the numbers declined from there. But he enjoyed success as a minor league pitching coach in the Cubs organization and has been credited for the development of Jeff Samardzija.

Something you might not know: Mason's 1986 and 1987 Topps cards are freakishly similar.

 My observation on the back: Pie Traynor's steal of home helped the National League pull within 8-7 of the American League during a three-run rally in the fifth inning, but that's as close as they would come as the AL won the 1934 All-Star Game, 9-7.

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Mike Matson said...

I had to do a double take.. Oddly enough when I was in HS I knew a Mike Mason