Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#460 - Ryne Sandberg

What a card: This is Ryne Sandberg's card coming off his MVP season. Sandberg reached 200 hits for the only time in his career and led the league in triples in 1984.

My observation on the front: I have no idea who that is behind Sandberg. Bob Dernier? Henry Cotto? Steve Lake? Don't know.

More opinion from me: Marvelous use of the black bat in this photo. Every player should have a black bat.

Something you might know: Sandberg is in the Hall of Fame perhaps as much for his fielding as his hitting. He has the best fielding percentage for a National League second baseman ever (at  least 1,000 games played).

Something you might not know: Sandberg admitted last year to eating cat food as a youngster "for about a year."

My observation on the back: Ryne and Cindy divorced in 1995 and rumors have lived on for years that it was related to Cindy sleeping with Ryne's Cubs teammates. Sandberg retired abruptly in 1994 and did not play at all in 1995 before returning for a couple of years.

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kpie said...

It might be Jody Davis standing behind him.

zman40 said...

What could he possibly be looking at?