Thursday, December 3, 2015

#479 - Mike Madden

What a card: After an impressive rookie year in 1983, Mike Madden struggled through his sophomore season, posting a 5.53 ERA in '84 and serving some time back in the minors.

My observation on the front: Madden seems to be trying to read the license plate of a car out in the parking lot. He's very squinty.

More opinion from me: It's cards like this that remind me how wonderful 1983 Topps is. This photo would have been the inset shot and something much more interesting would have been the main photo.

Something you might know: Madden was one of three players the Astros received in the deal that sent Don Sutton to the Brewers in a deadline deal in 1982. The other two players were Kevin Bass and Frank DiPino.

Something you might not know: Madden didn't allow a run in his major league debut. On May 25, 1983, he pitched six innings against the Cubs, striking out five and walking five. The Astros won 4-0.

My observation on the back: In 1985, no single reliever had posted more than 45 saves in a season (Dan Quisenberry and Bruce Sutter). But since the time of this trivia question, seven different pitchers have exceeded more than 51 saves in a season.

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