Friday, January 3, 2014

#248 - Terry Forster

What a card: Terry Forster had completed the second of three years with the Braves in 1984, but was hampered by a hamstring injury that cost him all of July and September that year.

My observation on the front: There is some sort of printing stain traveling down the left side of the card. It looks like someone got maple syrup on the card. It also looks like the guy on the bench needs to go to the bathroom.

More opinion from me: Forster has a blue glove, which I like. Pitchers color-coordinating their gloves is fantastic.

Something you might know: This was the card that kids were pulling out packs when David Letterman invited Forster on his show after calling him a "fat tub of goo." Forster appeared on July 29, 1985 and Letterman actually displayed this card during the episode. I referenced that particular show in the TV tab not too long ago.

Something you might not know: OK, it's been cited a few times but I bet a few don't know it. Forster has the highest career batting average for any major leaguer to have played in at least 500 games. He hit a remarkable .397 (31-for-78) over 16 years.

My observation on the back: It looks like someone filled out every line of the questionnaire.

The blog wants to speak now: The Pop Culture tab is updated.

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