Sunday, January 26, 2014

#256 - Mike Stanton

What a card: This is the final card of Mike Stanton issued during his career. He pitched in 35 games for the Mariners and White Sox in 1985 with a big, fat 6.42 ERA.

My observation on the front: I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like a lot of people turned out to see the Mariners.

More opinion from me: Stanton had pitching professionally for nine years by the time I pulled one of his cards. Except for a brief appearance with the Astros in 1975, he toiled in the minors from 1973-80. Then I never pulled his card between 1980-82. Yes, I'm that obsessed with baseball cards that I know when I have a difficult time pulling a card of long forgotten reliever.

Something you might know: Stanton is one of three "Mike Stantons" to play in the majors. He was the first and least remembered. After him came the Stanton known as the long-lasting reliever for the Braves and Yankees (For awhile, I thought the second Stanton was the first Stanton because his career started not long after the first Stanton's career ended). Then came the Marlins slugger who is now known as "Giancarlo Stanton."

Something you might not know: Stanton reportedly spent $6,000 to insure his arm for $2 million with Lloyd's of London ... and then was released by the Mariners.

My observation on the back: Stanton was paid for his paintings by major league players like Toby Harrah, Jim Slaton, Pat Dobson and Bump Wills.

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